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Thirteen small ideas from Code4Lib 2013

If you made it through the tome that was the four big ideas, you’ll enjoy this list of smaller ideas from the Code4Lib conference.

  1. EasyArticle at Brown U – Among other things, this app allows people to request items through ILL/document delivery with the click of a button. Users never see the ILLiad form.
  2. Article problem reporting at UMich – similar to our e-journal problem report. Helps staff figure out problems faster.
  3. ScholarSphere at Penn State – homegrown digital repository. They drastically simplified the interface for uploading and adding metadata to submissions.
  4. Ryerson U BookFinder – stacks mapping
  5. 3D visualizations without Flash – amazing gallery of 3D images created with just HTML, CSS and Javascript
  6. Google Analytics event tracking in discovery systems – nice overview from NCSU. Putting this one in our pocket for later.
  7. Customer relationship management tools for liaisons – why not?
  8. Get started with Git version control in 5 minutes
  9. Affect and archives – Mark Matienzo’s lightning talk on emotion and supporting creative use of archival collections through interactive fiction
  10. Best practices for code handoffs, or: how to write better code
  11. Crowdsourcing transcription at UIowa – from proof-of-concept to full-blown crowdsourced tool (DIY History, awesome name)
  12. MyHuntLibrary at NCSU – just go look at it. Amazing.
  13. Learn your keyboard shortcuts (including shortcuts for gmail!) with an online tutorial