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A bit of an update

Photo of Erin and their wife Courtnie standing in front of the Providence skyline. Erin is wearing a black Duke's mayo cap and a black t-shirt. Courtnie is wearing a black tank top. They are both smiling big!It’s been a whirlwind year in our household. My wife got a job as an associate professor at RISD, so we both put in our notice at VCU, picked up sticks and moved our household to Providence, RI. I’ve moved out of libraries and academia (for the most part…) and am working at a Richmond-based diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy. I still moonlight each fall as an adjunct instructor of Information Architecture at UTK. We miss our beloved community in Richmond and at VCU, but have been enjoying new things in Providence.

After 13 years in Richmond and at VCU, I didn’t see myself moving – let alone leaving the South! – but it has been invigorating and restorative to make this change. We can do hard things.